Flagstar Bank’s “Pontiac’s BIG IDEA” Grant Program

Rewarding Big Ideas for Small Businesses

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Submission Process

How to fill out application:

  1. Open “Google Form” link
  2. Fill out the application
  3. Click submit

PDF Form is no longer supported. All Applicants must submit via Google Form submission to be considered. 

Deadlines and Notification Timing

$10K PBIGP Grant – Submit by September 15th by 11:59 pm, receive decision by October 31st
$20k PBIGP Places & Paychecks Grant – Submit by September 24th by 11:59 pm, receive decision by October 31st

Flagstar Bank’s Investment to Pontiac

Flagstar Bank has committed to investing $10 million into Pontiac as an economic catalyst for both downtown and Pontiac’s greater region.  One of the investment projects from Flagstar Bank is “Pontiac’s Big Idea Grant Program” which works with the support and partnership of Main Street Pontiac, the Build Institute and ProsperUS.  The grant program puts in $500,000 of funding into the small business community each year for 5 years, starting in 2017.  Small businesses, through a competitive application process, may receive up to $10,000 in the form of a grant.  Every year, one $50,000 to $100,000 grant may be awarded for a game-changing idea that produces a significant number of jobs or will clearly attract people to visit Pontiac. The program will come to an end in late fall/early winter 2021 as it closes out its fifth year.

The Big Idea

We believe that a great idea can become a great business or can help a good business grow. Pontiac’s Big Idea Grant Program (PBIGP) celebrates doing business in the city of Pontiac – rewarding those with the best ideas for growth. Each year, for 5 years, in addition to business support, PBIGP will provide $500,000 in support of small businesses through grants and loans. PBIGP is not interested in just giving out cash.  PBIGP is interested in inspiring and enabling your ideas. Applicants must consider the purpose of the program: to sustain businesses, strengthen neighborhoods, grow ideas, diversify economies, and grow jobs for residents of Pontiac. The best applications will have ideas for growth, consistent with this purpose, that are impactful, courageous, unique, achievable, memorable and clear.

Have Questions?

E-mail your inquiries to grants@mainstreetpontiac.org

Need Help With Your Application?

Applicants can also email questions to grants@mainstreetpontiac.org.

Additionally, there are a number of community resources available to help you figure out how to develop your idea into a business, develop a business plan, and review your financials.









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