Downtown Pontiac is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, full of entrepreneurs, residents, corporate partners, and supporters that come together and form a close-knit community.



We’re experiencing growth in our local maker-spaces, from breweries to apparel.  Our restaurant and cafe selection is steadily increasing.  Which means, places to grab a bite to eat for lunch, grab drinks for happy hour, and take clients and customers to when they visit.


From top-left to bottom-right: Alleycat Cafe, Fillmore 13 Brewery, Exferimentation Brewery, Lafayette Market, The Menagerie Lounge, M1 Grille, and Liberty Bar 


We have strong roots in the automotive industry which still carry through our city and we’re moving toward a strong technology-based economy. While the number of automotive design and manufacturing facilities has reduced over the years, our affinity for cars has not.  We have M1 Concourse nearby, LBI Limited, GM’s Global Propulsion Systems, Pontiac Power Week, Fiat Chrysler in close proximity, and plenty more. 



We are a city bursting at the seams in creativity and artistic talent.  Not only do we have a number of entertainment venues for all genres, we are making our downtown an actual canvas of art showcasing the talent of the community.  We have theatres, music venues, nightclubs, art galleries, outdoor galleries, and art workshops, all within walking distance.



We are a community full of fitness enthusiasts who run, walk, and bike together; motivate each other; and push each other.  Whether you want to join a running club, walking club, biking club, attend morning fitness classes, hit up a punching bag after work, or hit up the gym at lunch, we have an option for you.



In short, downtown Pontiac is part of a big city with a small-town heart that is both charming and exciting.  If you want to be a catalyst for change and make an impact, downtown Pontiac is the perfect sandbox to play-in.