Murals & Outdoor Art



Murals can be found throughout the city of Pontiac they are mostly located in the West Alley

and on the backsides of many downtown businesses.

The one pictured on the left is by local artist, Zac Curtis.


When walking around Downtown Pontiac you can spot many

different kinds of sculptures located in various little parks and on street corners.

 The Treasury building features a sculpture of Chief Pontiac sculpted by Marshall Fredericks.

Canvas Pontiac

Canvas Pontiac is an annual art contest unique to Downtown Pontiac.

Every year the top 25 art submissions are printed on 8 X 10 ft canvases and hung on the sides of our buildings.

Grab a Downtown Walking Map from any restaurant or retail shop in Downtown Pontiac.

Take the walking tour of Canvas Pontiac and grab a bite to eat.

Pontiac Creative Arts Center

The Art Experience

Gallery on the Boulevard

Pontiac’s Little Art Theatre