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There’s always something happening downtown. Whether it’s a movie at The PLAT, a concert at The Flagstar Strand, or one of the many festivals. Check out our community calendar to see what’s happening next. 

About Pontiac


It’s a safe place

Throughout the last 5 years crime in downtown Pontiac has stalled to a near halt. Between the Downtown Pontiac Security Group, Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, and the security systems and cameras throughout downtown, we’re one of the safest downtowns in Oakland County.


A Land of Creative Inspiration

We embody the arts and culture. With the Pontiac Arts Crawl, to Canvas Pontiac, to the sculptures, murals, and installation art. Pontiac is ready for exploration.

Health and fitness

With several gyms, and training spots in downtown, we put emphasis on health and fitness. With our Annual 5K, and various fitness programs and businesses, Pontiac’s in shape.


We’re a technology hub

We have more than 20 technology companies based out of downtown Pontiac, and the support of community STEM, Pontiac Power Week, and Tech 248. We’re a tech hub.

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