Owner: Max Maine
121 N. Saginaw

Written by: Marijayne Renny

About Max Out Fitness

Max Out Fitness is here to help guide people to a better lifestyle through fitness with accountability, motivation, and information. Max was asked who his customers are, he replied, “My customers are people that are health conscious or want to be, primarily people who seek information on a better lifestyle, people ranging from obese with no nutritional guidance to people that are fit that are encouraged to manage their fitness in a healthy atmosphere.”


I asked Max how he got the idea to start Max Out Fitness. “First, I myself fell in love with fitness.  I helped one person lose weight and that person was so happy, it changed his life. That’s what kind of showed me my purpose.”

Best Part

”I love helping people and knowing that I’m saving lives.  You know as I stated before in other interviews, growing up I wasn’t focused on serving others, it was more about myself and surviving in the city. I feel like my purpose is taking my experiences to teach others how to get out of a situation, to become a leader, and to serve others. I wake up early every morning knowing that I have a chance to make someone else’s life better, which will make my life better.”

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