Owner: Connie Hahne

Written by: Marijayne Renny


Michigan Mittens is a small business located inside of another small business. Many Pontiac residents are aware of Earth 2 Earth, our local screen-printing shop, but if you’ve never gone inside Earth 2 Earth, you’re missing out on a part of Michigan, Michigan Mittens. “Nostalgia is our middle name.” says owner, Connie Hahne.


11 years ago, Connie was driving home from up north with her husband discussing how Connie couldn’t believe that nobody had made mittens with the map of Michigan on them. After all, Michiganders are notorious for using their hand to point out where in Michigan their city is located, describing their cities in relation of distance to the thumb. With Connie’s mittens you can point out where in Michigan you live and not just in the lower peninsula, the other mitten has a map of what Michiganders refer to as “up north” or “the U.P.”

Michiganders are very proud of their mitten roots, no matter where they travel in the world, they will always have a place in their heart for the mitten. Michigan Mittens customers are those kinds of people, proud Michiganders. I asked Connie what she loves most about her business, “I love the people, the product means something to people and it makes them happy.” Michigan Mittens is more than a good pair of mittens. Connie ran with the Michigan theme and about 6 years into her business her mind went into full mitten map madness. She refers to her products as a “Functional Novelty”. You could literally dress your holiday table, your home, yourself and your baby in adorably designed maps of Michigan, if you were born and raised here in the mitten…you would.

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