Downtown Pontiac is proud to be one of Michigan’s approved Social Districts!

To make a visit into downtown Pontiac more enjoyable, you can grab a beverage from one of the participating venues and stroll along some of the sidewalks and common areas in downtown Pontiac! We encourage you to come relax after work and on the weekends!

There are a few rules though!

  • Order from one of the participating venues! These venues currently include Exferimentation Brewing Company, Fillmore 13 Brewery, Charlene’s, Alley Cat Cafe, Little MO, Liberty Bar, and Lafayette Grande.
  • Use the designated labeled and disposable cups! Each participating venue provides their beverage in an approved cup for consumption within the district.
  • Go out into the The Circuit! Please remain on the designated sidewalks (Saginaw Street and Lawrence Street), alleys (West Alley), and common areas (Hidden River, Saginaw Green “Yellow Chair”)
  • Enjoy your beverage responsibly! Please be safe and use good judgment. Don’t be the party pooper.
  • Dispose of your cup when done! Cups are one-time use only. Don’t be a slob, once you’re done, please throw your cup away in a public trash can.
  • Come back again!