Written by: Marijayne Renny

Owner: Daniel Martinez
31 N. Saginaw

About Alley Cat Café

The Alley Cat Café is tucked away in the alley off Lawrence St. in downtown Pontiac. Owner and Chef Daniel Martinez describes the Alley Cat Café as “a comfortable place to linger”. He also says the café allows him to pursue and grow his catering business. For the costumers that frequent the café it’s more like a second home, a place where you are greeted when you walk in, and are encouraged to hang out for as long as you need. The coffee is good, but the conversations are better, as is the case with most cafes that are also community hubs. I asked Danny, “Who is your customer?” and he replied, “You & your neighbor.” Danny couldn’t be more right, this place is literally for everyone, it’s the center of our community in downtown and welcoming to everyone.

Why Downtown Pontiac?

Danny has another job that has had him traveling through Pontiac for years. He really liked the layout of downtown and that is what inspired him to open the Alley Cat Café. I asked Danny, what is it about the Alley Cat that makes him love what he does, he replied, “The cast of characters that is the community.”

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